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Our Story

Founded in September 2014, Premium Liquid Labs Inc. is a leading Canadian e-liquid manufacturer with a mission of creating innovative e-liquid recipes that resulted in top shelf premium blends.  Premium Liquid Lab’s growing portfolio is focused primarily on helping people quit smoking by providing top quality products and customer oriented service.  Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada the company with its partners in the U.S.A., Europe, Asia has achieved global reach in at least 45 countries.

Premium Liquid Labs started its journey with its owner and founder Samuel Boucher wanting to take control of his life.  The power of positive thinking got him to change his outlook and attitude on life.  Broke but determined, he spent half his rent money ($800) to buy 10ml plastic bottles, flavorings and started mixing. His first attempt at making juice, he knew right on he was meant to make E-liquid.  It wasn’t an easy road but his passion led to him learning how to produce some of the best e-liquid in the world but being new in this business, success didn't come easy. However, giving up was not an option for the founder. He started consigning his e-juice to a local store trying to make ends meet.  Word of mouth on how good his product is started to spread. The first year of his business nobody ever actually met Sam in person due to the fact he was focused on creating the world’s best line of e-liquids.

Early on the company invested in an automated state-of-the-art production lab, first of its kind in Canada.  The company voluntarily got the production lab independently certified for ISO7, Class 10,000 and Good Manufacturing Practice. 

24 months later Premium Liquid Labs produces and  carries 29 premium e-liquid lines with all of them made personally by Sam, AKA Sammy Fog .  Premium Labs  is the largest e-juice manufacturing company in Canada winning numerous international awards in the industry and Sammy Fog has earned the title as not only the best juice maker in Canada but is recognized as on of the best juice maker in the world.  Premium Liquid Labs has the no. 1 selling e-liquid in Canada. The company is rapidly growing and the rapid growth was accomplished with absolutely no sales team or sales department in those first 24 months.  

Over this time period, the company has partnered with various distributors in the US, UK,ME, Germany and China.  

Just recently, Premium Liquid Labs made a multi-million-dollar capital investment in a brand new state-of-the-art lab and warehouse to be completed by the end of November 2016.  In addition, Premium Liquid Labs is investing in its own manufacturing facility in the UK due to begin operations by Jan 2017.

One of Sam main focus is building a strong internal  structure and culture  of his company. Premium Labs is also in the process of making their employees  into owners.

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