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10ml Dr. Fog Classics Variety Pack

10ml Dr. Fog Classics Variety Pack

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Dr. Fog Classics Flavours:

APPLE PIE – Granny’s fresh baked old-fashioned apple pie with creamy vanilla ice cream and a dash of cinnamon.
BLUE BANANA HAZE – Blueberry banana nut pancakes with whipped cream and syrup.
BLUE HAZE - Fresh blueberry nut pancakes with vanilla syrup and a dash of whip cream.
COOKIE DOUGH – Homemade blend of chocolate chips and fresh sweet cookie dough.
DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM - Vanilla ice cream rolled in graham cracker crumble, topped with caramel drizzle.
DR.FOG’S CUSTARD – French vanilla bean cream custard topped with fresh whipped cream and graham cracker sprinkles.
GROOVY GUAVA – Guava from around the world all in a flavour bursting smoothie.
MANGO MADNESS - Mixed mango blend with guava and tropical fruit.
PAPAYA LIME GUAVA - Perfectly blended smoothie with papaya, guava and a twist of freshly squeezed lime.
STRAWBERRY HEAVEN – Strawberry creamy custard graham crust dessert made to perfection.
VANILLA SIN - Vanilla cinnamon custard.
WACKY WATERMELON – Watermelon candies with a cool fresh hint of mint.
THE REMES – Absinthe cream tangerine mango.

Available in 3mg strength only

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